MAritime REgions cooperation for the MEDiterranean


: Working themes

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Politic results - Maremed Brochure

  • LiensConsult the publication...Anglais

Governance of Maritime Affairs - Synthesis of questionnaire

  • LiensSynthesis of questionnaireAnglais

Islands particularities in Marine Policy

  • LiensConsult the report...Anglais

Communication from the Commission - Towards an Integrated Maritime Policy for better governance in the Mediterranean

  • LiensIMP - COM(2009) 466 finalFrançaisAnglaisItalienEspagnolGrec

Communication from the Commission - Guidelines for an Integrated Approach to Maritime Policy

  • LiensIMP - COM(2008) 395 finalFrançaisAnglaisItalienEspagnolGrec

An Integrated Maritime Policy for the European Union

  • LiensIMP - COM(2007) 574 finalFrançaisAnglaisItalienEspagnolGrec